We are the On-Site Solution to Your Computer Repair Needs

In the convenience of your home or place of business, delivering that on-site service that Imberi PC has become known for, our certified technicians provide comprehensive technical assistance to frustrated clients looking for answers from a credentialed expert.

Our technicians arrive at your location aiding you in all forms of technical support: virus and spyware removal, installation of peripherals, setting up a network, configuring your audio-visual array, and a host of other technical issues.

Fast and Affordable Repairs

We know our stuff! Most computer problems can be fixed in an hour or two by our skilled technicians. Imberi PC is the quick, easy and affordable way to fix all your computer problems.

Open 7 days a week, offering the flexibility that accommodates your availability, Imberi PC techs are just a phone call away.

Our techs will come directly to your home within 48 hours to diagnose your computer troubles on-site! Call us to set up a time that fits your schedule.

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