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3/12/2013 15:27:38 By: Jerome Rosonke

Superb ! Swift and excellent service. I had traced down my "oversized screen" problem to a suspected graphics processing unit. However, I wasn't sure because other symptoms of a damaged GPU were not present. So, I called Imberi PC. He suggested I try a few more things, and when these did not solve the problem, I took the computer in to him. In a couple of days I picked the computer up with a different, used GPU and it works very well. If I have any more unsolvable computer complications, I will definitely go to Imberi PC.

3/8/2013 18:21:26 By: Dean O. Mehlhaff

Work done, as promised. I highly recommend Imberi PC, for any computer
problems. He is a skilled repair man.

6/7/2012 15:15:40 By: Theresa Russell

We had an excellent experience using Imberi PC for trouble shooting on our computer. It was quickly diagnosed and returned to us the following day. The cost was unbelievably reasonable!

03/21/2012 17:09:15 By: Mike and Susie Jung

Unfortunately we had two computers go down right after each other.  Randy and Jonathon, you are the best.  I can't think of going to anyone else.  You two are amazing with your computer knowledge ( and two extremely nice guys).  We are very lucky to know you and help us with our computer problems!!!

12/21/2011 21:58:40 By: Eric Odenbach

The Techs at ImberiPC fixed me right up, they were flexible on drop off and pick up times and kept me informed of what they were doing to my computers along the way. Thanks Randy.

11/14/2011 20:00:58 By: Rick & Deb Sayler

Fast response time.  Showed up at our residence the same day as contacted.  Problem was solved quickly.  Thanks Randy!

10/25/2011 By: Eleanor

Thank You so very much for all your patience & help! It's very "cool" to see "kids" you watched grow up & become such neat young adults. Thank you again. 

10/25/2011 20:18:29 By: Tanya Glodrey

The repairs you did on the computer are GOOD...

9/11/2011 20:19:18 By: Joyce Krause

Your service was very prompt and efficient.  We appreciate all the help that you have given us on this and being able to make the computer so that it works better again.  Thanks again.

8/10/2011 23:49:12 By: Vicky Sieh

The service was great.Randy did a great job of explaining everything to me.  He was able to transfer my files from my old non working computer.

6/9/2011 21:16:06 By: Walt Killion

Top notch service.  Couldn't get any better service anywhere else.  I highly recommend this Imberi PC to all of my friends.  There is none better.

6/1/2011 14:31:44 By: Abbey Larson

Thank You so much for fixing my computer. You guys did a great job in a very timely manner. My computer is now running great.

5/14/2011 9:30:30 By: Mary

Thank You so much for fixing my computer. You guys did a great job in a very timely manner. My computer is now running great.

5/10/2011 20:19:42 By: Heilman

we were real pleased with your work the computer works better then it did when it was new . we realy were glad that you could do it right away.
thank you 
LeRoy heilman

3/14/2011 18:16:24 By: Jamie Imbery

Hey Thanks Guys the machine is working great and I have put your info to good use Google Chrome works great. Thanks Again 

2/24/2011 19:07 By: David Engraf

We were very happy with the timing, pricing and handling of our situation. We have recommended you to several of our friends. 

1/26/2011 16:27:09 By: Lory Bretsch

I am amazed at how wonderful my computer is after Imberi PC worked on it. It had hundreds of virus's. It is faster now then I have ever remembered. I can actually get on the internet and find what I am looking for without being redirected. No more pop-ups of unwanted sites. I will continue to use Imberi PC with any computer needs. They are fast, inexpensive, reliable, friendly and professional! Thanks Jonathan and Randy! 

12/28/2010 17:35:37 By: Barb Pharis

My experience of doing business with Jonathan Imberi from Imberi PC is complete satisfaction. Jonathan is very professional and knowledgeable. Every thing I requested was installed and explained to me. They responded to 
my call for service that same day or the next day for upgrading and downloading on both my new iPad and desk top. I will be calling them again.

12/21/2010 8:45:06 By: Angela Rice Gillette Law Office, PC

Thanks for your patience with me if we have any more questions we will let you know.

12/18/2010 8:22:44 By: Sr.Therese Perino

Thank you so much for taking care and getting rid of the virus on my laptop. I knew I needed professional help, this was bigger than me. I am really impressed with your work. I have already passed your businesscard along to another Sister here at Presentation.

10/23/2010 7:39:48 By: Greg Flack

I was quite pleased with all you did for me. Our PC is running fine. The additional memory is helped the speed a lot and I like AVG.
Thanks again for your help.

10/3/2010 8:19:53 By: Kristi Bliese

My computer was purchased in ’05 and to date, I was ready to upgrade to a whole new system due to the lag time and frequent lock-ups. I bumped into Jonathan in Walmart a few evenings ago and asked his advice. Jonathan handed me his business card and explained how to submit a work order. I was contacted immediately to discuss my options and schedule a drop-off time. After an analysis, Jonathan called to give me the option as to which route of service I felt I needed to take care of my problems. Several days later I picked up my tower and was instructed of my new upgrades and informed of other options which were to upgrade/improve on my memory (I did this 2 weeks later).
I noticed immediately how much faster my computer was reacting; it feels as though I have purchased a new computer due to the speed of returning web pages and zero lock-ups. This is exactly what I needed to do!
One of my main reasons for choosing ImberiPC is first and foremost I know I can trust them. Secondly, I work with them and see how much dedication they display on the job and how nice and pleasant they are. You will never find more caring hard-working individuals… they are just amazing!